BlackBook Bikini and BlackBook Boxers are two stores under one roof on the Coast Highway in the vibrant coastal town of Encinitas, California.  this mother of two teenagers works to bring clients great swimwear that fits well, is FUN to wear, and is a bit more unique than department store lines.  

"Swimwear is one of my favorite clothing "essentials" because when I'm putting on a bikini I'm about to do something really fun--something I absolutely enjoy.  Paddle boarding, going to the beach, going on VACATION, snorkeling,  swimming in my pool, or just sitting in the hot tub are some of my most favorite things to do.  I'm the woman that will typically pack a different suit for the number of days I'm on vacation.  7 days at a resort = 7 different suits!!  Having one suit for all of the various water activities I like to enjoy isn't really practical.  The suit I wear stand-up paddle boarding will be totally different from the suit I wear poolside at a resort.  I started this company to provide a collection of great swimwear for others who also enjoy the water, having fun outdoors, and looking amazing while going for it!"



Loves her kids, travel and sunsets

Music:  EDM

Car:  Tesla

Must Haves:  great swimsuits, Hermes perfume, strong coffee and yoga

Sign:  Libra

Color:  Green

Food:  ahi poke bowl and donuts (maple bar and jelly filled)

Dream:  to live abroad with her two kids for a year and travel


March 03, 2017 — Charlie Clarke